Friday, January 18, 2013

Vatos Urban Tacos

On Monday, my friend Tracie asked me to go to lunch with her to Vatos Urban Tacos. I couldn't say no, I wanted to try this place for a long time and well, it's Tracie. It's always fun times with Tracie. Vatos is on Itaewon, so it wasn't a long cab ride from home.

I got there and I loved the place immediately. It has that "ambiance", with the dim lights, the modern tables, the bar. The place really is beautiful. 
 Tracie convinced me to try the Kimchi Carnitas Fries (10,000KRW). I didn't want to. That sounded very spicy, but it seems that I'm getting better at trying new things, because I finally agreed and we ordered them. I ate around the "stuff", so pretty much I ate the ones that didn't have a lot of sauce on top of them. It was... bearable. I actually ate more than I expected, with lots of water by my side, of course. The texture of the fries was just the way I like them and if it hadn't been spicy I would have eaten like half of the thing. Seriously good. If you enjoy spicy food, you will love them.
 For our meal we both ordered the Chili Lime Shrimp tacos (7000KRW for 2 or 10,000KRW for 3) and they were AMAZING. I secretly wished I had ordered the 3 piece because they were so delicious. The shrimp was really fresh, and the combination of vegetables and chipotle mayo was spot on. Who would have thought I would be loving something with cabbage in it.
 After our delicious tacos, Tracie and I decided to split the Nutella Nachos (7000KRW). It's not easy for me to resist something with the word "Nutella" in it. The nachos were fresh baked and they were sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. The ice cream was soft and creamy. I didn't even care about the amount of calories that were torturing my brain.
 Vatos also offers some amazing looking drinks, so I'm thinking date night soon, I know my husband will like it. The staff is very friendly and the place is very clean. Strongly recommended. 

More Information:
Closest Subway Station: Noksapyeong or Itaewon, Line 6
Foreigner Friendly

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  1. We really like Vatos also :) so yummy :p. Plus you and Justin have the crazy about Nutella thing in common lol

    1. You have to be crazy to not be crazy about Nutella! :D