Friday, January 4, 2013

Pasha Turkish Kebab

If you're walking down Itaewon, which is one of the most popular "foreigner friendly" streets in Seoul, you will notice a whole bunch of Turkish restaurant and kebab places. Now, I didn't know what a "kebab" was, to me it was like... the pieces of meat on a stick? Yeah, that. Apparently, what I would normally know as a shawarma, also qualifies a kebab. To me they will always be shawarmas. Anyway, they seem to be very popular here and I keep trying to find one that slightly resembles the ones they sell back home or the ones my brother-in-law Tarek makes. 

It was seriously the worst day to take a walk down Itaewon. After falling on my butt because of all the ice and hitting my lower back pretty hard, I was ready for some food. Originally we were looking for Ankara Picnic, which we haven't tried yet and always has a line so it must be good, but we saw Pasha and it looked nice. It's small and cozy but pretty inside. We ordered two sets of Chicken kebab, I had a regular one, he got a large one. A set is what you call a combo, or a meal in Korea. Their drink variety is not very wide so I got stuck with a soda, but at least it was an orange one.

This is fake but it looks yummy.
 The french fries were really good, I normally like the skinny french fries but I liked these. My husband loved the kebab, even though we were both disappointed to find a pickle in it. For me, well, it wasn't bad but it wasn't the best I've ever had, by a long shot. I think it could have used some more meat and I was hoping to find some of that garlic sauce they have in other Turkish places.

Pasha also has coffee and ice cream. I've been wanting to try Turkish ice cream since I got to Korea but I haven't been able to, and this day was just too freaking cold so it's going to have to wait. Overall, it was a good experience, the service and the staff were great and I'm finding that to be the rule here, I don't think I've had a complaint about someone at a restaurant. The place is small but beautiful and clean and the food was good.

More Information:
Closest Subway Station: Itaewon, Line 6 Exit 3
Pricing: From 4.000KRW to around 10.000KRW
Foreigner Friendly

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