Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My 26th Birthday

This post is long overdue, since my birthday is in October but here it goes. For my 26th Birthday, my husband and I went walking around the Cheonggyecheong stream. It's a lovely place to just walk around and relax, I will be writing more about it in an upcoming post.
 We had dinner at Aligoté Kitchen, an Italian restaurant we found. I do not have a blog post lined up about it, but it was good food. My carbonara was a little too spicy for my taste, but good nonetheless.
 We also went to an amazing bookstore and my husband got me Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys and a PPG notebook, besides my hot pink Chucks he had already gotten me for my birthday. I loved all my presents. We went back home to eat my delicious White Chocolate birthday cake from Paris Baguette.
But the greatest, most amazing part of this birthday, was the present my friends gave me. They knew I was going to be in Seoul, far from all of them and I was going to be missing them a lot, so they made this for me:

Best. Present. EVER. I cried so hard when I saw it, but I also laughed my ass off. I you don't understand Spanish, I suggest you skip to 8:00 a see just how crazy they are. I love them.

It was a great birthday, and I will never forget it.

Thanks for reading!

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