Monday, December 31, 2012

Goals for 2013

As the year ends, I'm usually disappointed with my goals. I don't think I have ever had a year in which I was able to achieve all of them. So I decided to set more realistic goals this year, and before I let you in on them, let's do a recap on the ones for 2012 and see how I did this year.

1. Get a driver's license: I did! This made me very happy. I felt free. Now I live in Korea where I don't need to drive, and I'm terrified to drive here too, but hopefully I'll get around to it at least just to go on base, but driving here is not a goal for me.
2. Lose weight: Man, am I glad I didn't say how much. I lost some but not as much as I wanted to, but still counts. I think this one will always be at the top of my list not only for new year's goals, but for all-the-time goals. Jeesh.
3. Keep in touch with friends and family: I have kind of doing alright with that thanks to Social Networks, but there is some family that I need to work on. I am just so lazy to pick up the phone, I'd rather just text or send a Facebook message and it's nothing against them, but I know they would appreciate a phone call every once in a while. Not setting a goal for that either, I will just try my best. I get... half a point for this one.
4. Blog at least once a week: Nope. That did not happen. AT ALL.
5. Work on my photography skills: I have been working on them and that makes me really happy, but I haven't been working as hard as I should. Half a point maybe?
 6. Read at least a book a month: That didn't happen either, but I managed to read 8 books throughout the year, all of them in the last 5 months since I had absolutely no time or energy to do anything while I was working at the daycare. And yes. The Oatmeal books count. I still don't get a point for this one.
7. Start drawing again: Ummm... No. but I have been getting inspired here in Korea so I might give it another shot. Not making it a goal though, it'll just happen if I feel like it.
8. Pay off my Credit Card: I'm actually laughing out loud at this one. Man, I suck. All I did was max the damn thing out. And then they extended my credit line. Gotta love credit card companies.
9. Get (and stay) organized: ...ish. I did in Georgia and then they moved us to Korea and I'm still trying to get my stuff together in this apartment which is way smaller than what we had. I'll figure it out.
10. Think before I speak: I have been getting really good at that! Proud of myself. Still lots of room for improvement.

So that's what, 4 out of 10? That's bad. So yeah. realistic goals this time. Here we go:

1. Lose weight.
2. Learn at least the basics of Korean (Hangul).
3. Read at least a book a month.
4. Start school or some kind of classes.
5. Keep working on Photography skills.
6. Pay off some debt and not get into more.
7. Visit somewhere new, outside of Seoul. 

There, that should do it. Somewhere in my head there was one about beating some videogames but I'll just leave that one alone and play them when I feel like it. Next year we'll do a recap on these goals and hopefully it will be 7 out of 7.

I wish every single one of you a Happy New Year, filled with good things and the accomplishment of all the goals you decide to set for yourselves. Thank you very much to the ones that still read the piece of me that is my blog, you have no idea how much that means to me.

Love, Zayda

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