Thursday, December 22, 2011

On Shirt.Woot and why I love it.

I've known about Woot ever since I moved to America, I think. To me, it wasn't more than a daily deal website like others I've seen before. It had pretty good deals, sometimes we would buy stuff from it and it would be nice. Nothing major. I was browsing random stuff about 3 weeks ago and I came across this fantastic design:

It's called The Dark Knight and it's a design from the talented Nathan W. Pyle. It was the shirt of the day on Shirt.Woot. I went ahead and bought it as a present for my husband for just 10 bucks. Days went by and I kept thinking about the shirt and how dumb I had been for not realizing that they have woman's sizes so, I went ahead and bought one for myself. This one, for $15 because they're only $10 when they are the deal of the day. No, we are not gonna wear it at the same time like some kind of Thundercat couple (<--- Inside joke) I just loved it so much that I wanted it for me as well. After that, I started to explore the website and I found out it is a pretty awesome community. Makes me wish I was a freaking designer! If you follow me on Twitter, you probably noticed that I have been obsessing over this website for the last couple of weeks and here are the reasons why:

Exclusive Designs: All of their designs are theirs and only theirs. You can't get this shirts anywhere else but on their website. Which kinda means they are also sold for a limited time, depending on how popular they become. If you can find the exact same shirt somewhere else... that designer is in trouble.

Free Shipping: All shirts have free standard shipping through smartpost. I am cheap and I love free shipping. Enough said.

Quality: I've bought three shirts from them so far and the quality of the shirts is great. They are soft but don't feel cheap and are very well printed. This is the other shirt I got:


 Good Income for Designers: You get paid well if your shirt gets picked, it's all in their website if any of you designers out there want to read about it. I think it's pretty cool. And anyone can enter the Derby, even if you're not a designer, which I think it's an amazing opportunity for anyone with a good idea and talent. I've been telling a few designers I know but they are not listening.

The Derby: This is my favorite part of this website. I just think it's pretty cool and keeps me interested, even if I end up not buying the winning shirts, it's nice to see what people come up with. Every Thursday they announce a theme for the Derby (sometimes the themes are pretty random... like this week's "over-indulgence") on Friday, the Derby opens and you can submit your design and voting starts. Only people who have bought something from any of the Woot sites can vote, which I think is awesome 'cause it would be hard to cheat and vote a million times from different email accounts and stuff like that. Also, you can vote for as many shirts you want, but you can only vote once. This goes on for a week and then they sell the 3 top shirts from the Derby, which they don't announce until the day it goes on sale to keep the mystery. Cool, cool, cool.

Bonus: Randomness: Last Monday, they were selling a "Random Shirt" deal for $6.66. Apparently this is something they do often, because I was reading some comments and people kept saying they got awesome shirts and they kept suggesting you always buy 3. I did, and we're waiting on them.. hopefully they are cool shirts. If not, they can go in the PJ/Gym/HouseClothes drawer but if at least one of them is awesome, I would be satisfied.

Aaaanyway, just wanted to share my latest obsession with this website! If you're reading this, that means you made it through this painful post and you have my eternal love for that. Thank you!


P.S.: No, shirt.woot didn't pay me or gave me free shirts to write this. I'm not "famous" enough for any company to do that. This is all out of pure and untainted love.

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