Monday, August 8, 2011

Movies Of The Month #5 - July 2011

Hi everyone! I don't know if anyone has noticed but I've been really, REALLY away from my Blog and Twitter lately. I'll write a post about my "reasons" to that, if you can call them that, to me it's more like excuses, but anyway, crappy post about feelings coming soon. For now... MOVIES!!!

I saw 13 movies this month, my lowest number all year! but I got a feeling August is gonna be even worse.

Battle Los Angeles
Cedar Rapids
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules
Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part II
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Take Me Home Tonight
The Adjustment Bureau
The Thing


Yep. I, obviously, am going to give a 10 to Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2. I had been waiting for it way too long! I was a total nerd the day we went to the theater to see it. I wore Gryffindor colors and was all jumpy and excited. I cried my eyes out for half of the movie and I am very sad it's over. Now, I will patiently wait for all 8 movies to come out in a deluxe blu-ray pack so I can BEG for it for my birthday along with cameras, candy and puppies.


Biased. Totally biased. I will crack up with anything that has Russell Brand in it, ok? If you like him, you're gonna like this. It's really sweet and heartwarming but funny at the same time.

I've always loved horror movies, and this one, became an instant favorite. I'm not scared by horror movies and enjoy them a lot, but with this one... I actually screamed on one of the scenes. I usually watch horror movies by myself, but this one time I was grateful that my husband decided to join me so I could grab his arm when something scary happened. No, I didn't have nightmares or was scared to go to the bathroom afterwards, but it does have some great and scary scenes and I think that if you like the horror genre, you will enjoy it. It kinda makes me sad that they give some of it away on the trailer, because they would have totally achieved what they were going for if they hadn't. If you are planning on watching this movie, and haven't even seen the trailer or heard anything about it, DON'T DO IT. Do not watch the trailer, do not watch commercials about it, do not talk to other people about it. Just jump directly to the movie. You will enjoy it even more!


Biased again! It's Johnny Depp's fault. And animated films' fault. I'm a sucker for animated films. This movie is nowhere close to being a classic, and it's not as heartwarming as other children movies but I enjoyed it a lot, mostly because it is different. There is not a single "cute" character in it. All of them are ugly animals that most of us would kick out of our houses if we ever saw one. They are not all fuzzy and cuddly like I'm used to, and I do appreciate that on a film nowadays, where everything seems to be just the same. The story is predictable, which I'm fine with it. It is a children's movie after all. It is visually striking, though... the textures and colors used on this movie are amazing, and if you get as excited as I do with the way movies are made, then you certainly want to watch this one.

This movie is SO predictable, but I don't care. To me, it's actually a movie for dreamers and for people who believe in destiny and in couples that are meant to be. And also, for people who like weird dudes wearing hats. I like it, I don't care.

And that's it for July movies. If you are browsing through Netflix's instant watch and stumble upon this little "horror" movie called Amusement... don't watch it. I'm warning you, DO NOT. Nobody is giving me those 90 minutes of my life back. If you have any movie suggestion for me, leave me a comment! I love finding new stuff and I love almost every genre! 

Thanks for reading, and for those who are still there, THANK YOU, for not abandoning this blog the whole time I was gone. I really appreciate it.


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  1. Thanks for all those movie recommendations. Gosh, 13 movies. I love movies a lot, too. But I never manage to watch more than 5, maybe... Kudos to you.

    I missed you. Glad you're back. And I hope you're feeling better now?