Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday #3 - PlasticLand

So. This is my third attempt to write this post so bear with me. I had it ready and all pretty and Blogger decided to delete it. Blogger is being a jerk to me today and I am not in the mood  to deal with it anymore. Today's wishlist is from PlasticLand. It's a very cool store and here's a small selection of what the store has to offer.

10. Spaceship Ice Cubes: They look so cute floating in your drink.

Spaceship Ice Cube Tray

9. Russian Doll Measuring Cups: This ones would be a very good replacement for my white boring set.

Russian Doll Measuring Cup Set

8. Filigree Placemats: In a lovely set of twelve that would look great with all the tableware I'm planning on buying someday. My husband will SO hate these.

Black Filigree Party Placemats

7. Ninja Umbrella: When I started writing this post (the first time) there were two in stock, now they are all gone. But let's pretend it's available and we can look very Ninja walking around in a rainy day.

Ninja Sword and Sheath Umbrella

6. Floating Books Shelf: love, Love, LOVE. I'm dying to have a couple of these on the walls of our computer room.

Large Floating Books Wall Shelf

5. Camera Cosmetic Bag: Great little bag to put my make-up and all the little stuff I carry around in my purse.

Camera Cosmetic Bag

4. Skulls and Flowers Bag: Yes, I do wear a lot of black and white... and this handbag would look great with all of it. This item is also out of stock but they are planning on re-stocking in in June.

Sugar Skulls and Flowers Bag

3. The Beatles Coaster Set: This set features all the Beatles anthology on it! and it comes in a super cute tin box. Love it!

Beatles Full Anthology Coasters

2. Sailor Top: Yes. I know. This would look waaay better on a tattooed, kinda pin-up chick than it would ever look on me, but I do love it. This is yet another item that is out of stock but hey... good thing we can sign-up for when they get back.

Sailor's Sweetheart Tee

 1. Camera Earrings: Must. Have. Now.

Shutter Bug Camera Earrings

The total of this would have been $240 plus 7.95 shipping. Also, as Bonus Items, while browsing through PlasticLand I found this cute Ring and necklaces and immediately thought of my friend LeeLee and had to share them with you!

Incognito Moustache Adjustable Ring
Brushed Metal Mustache Necklace
Incognito Lucite Moustache Necklace

Comments? Thoughts? Feel free to share!

Thanks for reading! Love,

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