Monday, May 2, 2011

Mail-In Monday #1

 I thought it would be nice to blog about all the cool stuff I get in the mail. I LOVE getting stuff by mail, it just makes my day... or as my husband would say, "It feels like Christmas". I love mailing stuff as well, it's a lot of fun! So I am gonna be showing you weekly what I got and what I sent out :)


I won a super cool giveaway from Erin (Eef) on Mary Rebecca's Blog . It was the cutest Cupcake magnet set EVER! I love it so much and I was actually in need of a few magnets for my new magnetic board, so this ones were perfect!

Thank you, Erin!

Super cute little cards!

This picture sucks, too much light from my dining room... but aren't they the cutest?

I also got my new Flash! I've been spending all my money on Camera stuff and I'm gonna be broke in no time if I keep doing that. Not Cool. but I do love everything. I wish I'd win the lottery and buy all the cool equipment out there. (And open an Animal Shelter, of course.)

I also won a giveaway from Miss Lou on Just Because By LeeLee . It was a lovely handmade Polaroid frame! I now have to buy some film and take a great picture to go in it! I absolutely love it, it's so cool :)

Lovely card!!! Thank you, Lou!

It was wrapped! So cute!

I love the fabric, the colors, everything!


So, Friday was the deadline to send out the crafts to my partner for the Crafty Peep Swap. Look what I sent to Gabi, from California! (She should be getting it today so I don't mind posting it here.) Gabi told me her favorite color was Green... and I think I went a little overboard on the Green for this... 

I made her a Jewelry set... earrings and a necklace:

I also made her a headband:

And then my dog Chelsea got a hold of it an destroyed it:

So I went ahead a made her a new one:

I also made for Gabi, my very first Mosaic project. It's a style I've been wanting to try for a long time and I finally did. I made her a 5x7 picture frame! It came out pretty good to be the first one EVER, but it is far from perfect.

A lot of green huh? Then I packed it and wrapped it really pretty and I hope everything made it safely to her hands!

I'm gonna start selling stuff like what I made for Gabi on Etsy. Stay tuned for the announcing of my two Etsy stores. (One for prints, and one for crafts. Yeah I know it's a lot of work having two, but I'm weird like that.)

Thank you so much for reading!


  1. oye que cool babyyyyy love EVERYTHING! :D :D
    two?! are you crazy? start with one.. you can sell both in 1 store.. plus the fees y eso es mas complicado.. ya hablaremos. :)
    love ya baby, divino el headband y el jewelry set todo! we gotta talk ;)

  2. Hey I'm loving your mosaic! Thanx for such lovely comments I'm glad you liked it! It also feels like xmas to me when I see something for me in the mail :D

  3. Thank you giiiirls!!!!

    Can't wait to talk LeeLee ♥