Saturday, May 14, 2011

30 Photo Answers - Just For Fun

I was reading some blogs and found this on The Monster and Me and thought it would be really fun to do it!

 1. Someone I spend a lot of time with

My Puppy, Chelsea
 2. A picture of myself

3. A picture of someone in my family
My Mom

 4. A picture of something that makes me happy

My Babies (Crappy picture taken with my phone so all of the babies could be in it)

5. An old picture of myself

Like a gazillion Lbs ago!

 6. A picture of a sibling

Laura, my half-sister!

 7. A class photo

Graduation! June, 2003

 8. A random photo of me and my significant other
At the Zoo
9. A picture I've never posted before 

10. A relative of mine

My cousin Karen and my Grandpa

11. Someone I can tell everything to 

She listens, she doesn't judge and I'm pretty sure she understands.

 12. A picture from everyday life

Me at work!

 13. A picture from a place I love

Waterfront, St Marys, GA

 14. A picture that reminds me of old times


 15. A picture from a great night

Bogotá with my girls!

16. An unusual picture

Standing In a Rainbow Sky

 17. A picture of my spare time

Always taking pictures.

 18. A picture of people who are closest to me

My Loves

19. A picture of a person who is always there

Baby Angie!

20. A picture of a time in life I miss

21. A picture from last summer

4th of July, 2010

22. A picture that makes me sad

My Uncle, Lost him in 2009

My Cousin (to the Right), Lost him last January

23. A picture I always laugh about


24. A crazy picture

I really couldn't find a crazy picture, but this one will do.

 25. Latest picture of myself

26. A picture of my parents at my age

I don't have any of them at my age.

So this ones will do.

27. A picture from the best days of my life

 28. A picture from my favorite vacation


 29. A picture of an accomplishment

Sadly, I am not a very accomplished person

30. A picture I am satisfied with

Innocence By The Sea

This was fun, If you decide it'll be fun for you to do it too, drop me a comment and I'll go check yours out :) 


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