Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bad Religion & Rise Against

So, last Friday I had an appointment in Jacksonville and had to get off work for the afternoon. Luckily enough, this concert was the same day! A bit further away (at the St. Augustine Amphitheater) but totally worth it. I will be sharing today a few of the pictures I took.

Going to shows is one of my favorite things to do. Unfortunately, we don't get a lot of stuff that I like around here, so when we do I get over-excited and HAVE to be there!

The pictures aren't the best, because we didn't have the best seats we could get. We found out about the show a little too late and it was already almost sold out, so we were just lucky to be there!

This is my Hubby!
I love my Ramones bag!

First band to play was Four Years Strong. I must confess I had never heard of them before this show, but they were pretty good! They had a lot of energy!

Then, it was time for Bad Religion. To be completely honest, they were our main reason to be there. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Rise Against, but I love Bad Religion above any other Punk band out there. This was my second time seeing them live, the first time was at the Warped Tour '09 in Virginia Beach and this time I was as excited as I was when I saw them back then. They were incredible, as usual. It makes me very happy that both times I've seen them they've played "Los Angeles Is Burning" which is my favorite BR song! (Besides "You" but I don't think they'll ever play that one live). They also played awesome songs like "Infected", "Sorrow", "American Jesus" "Wrong Way Kids" and a lot more! It was amazing.

The concert sold out!

And then, it was time for Rise Against. The main band of the show! At this point, the Amphitheater was about to explode, the show completely sold out but a lot of people were there just to see Rise Against and it was crazy! Everyone was so excited. It was a great show, the music, the lights, the energy... everything was perfect. I even shed a little tear when Tim McIllrath played "Hero of War" and I didn't even know the lyrics to the freaking song. They didn't play "Broken English" which is my all-time Rise Against favorite song, but that is alright because they played a lot of other great songs. I actually recorded a good piece of "Savior" but I will not publish the video because you can hear me singing my heart out in the back and believe me... that's not a very nice thing to hear.

It really was an amazing show and an incredible night. I needed something like this after the stressful week that I had before that night. I hope you enjoy the photos! I will be posting the videos to My Youtube Channel in the upcoming days for everyone to see.

Thank you for reading, love


  1. que cool babyyyyyyy!!
    cool pics!!! ke risa del video jajaajajjaja
    me alegro q la hayas pasado awesome!!! besotes! :):) <3

  2. I don't get to go to shows very often anymore either. My husband and I went to kid rock this winter and it was an AMAZING show. We plan to go see him again this summer when he comes to Riverbend in Cincinnati.

  3. Thanks Lee Lee! I hope you're having an amazing time right now!

    Melanie, Kid Rock is so cool! I missed a Kid Rock show in Virginia (Free Tickets AND Backstage Passes to meet him!) because hubby was away and I didn't know anyone the city or anyone else at the time :(