Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cafe Ann House

I am not sure that this place qualifies as a themed cafe, but for the sake of this blog I'm going to say yes. Yes it does. A doll-house, Arabian nights, pink cafe. Or something.
 Now, this was a while ago, so bear with me as I try to remember all the details of our visit. The thing I remember the most is the horrid light in our booth. Oh yeah, this cafe has lots of private booths which is awesome because you can be as loud and annoying and obnoxious as you want. Or go on a date and be romantic, whatever. We were assigned one of the big booths with no windows so yeah, HORRIBLE light. We noticed that the walls were all written on, which is somewhat common in Korea, so I drew a little cartoon of me and my friends. I can just hear my mother yelling at me... but hey, my rule is... if it's already written on, another doodle is not going to hurt it.
 Cafe Ann House looks like a fairytale, as long as you don't peek in some of the booths, the ones with all the grafitti. The ones by the window are actually very nice. The place overall was very clean and cute, just a few of the rooms were a little run down.
 I was obsessing over the lamps all the time!
 Ann House has a big menu for a cafe, besides coffee and hot chocolate, they have smoothies, juices, waffles, cake, muffins, and some locations offer brunch. We ordered our drinks and the waiter, who was really nice but didn't speak much English kept pointing at cake on the menu, we said no but he insisted and kept pointing so we went ahead and ordered a slice of cake each, not knowing if it was free or if we were going to have a huge bill. It was included with the drinks! Now I'm not sure if this is an all time thing or some kind of special they were having, again, language barrier but it was very nice to get free cake. Also, this is what an outing with me and my friends looks like:
 My hot chocolate was very good and my cake was delicious!
 I fell in love with this hallway, so pretty!

 I am not sure, but I want to say that bread is included? I have seen it in other cafes so... maybe?
It was a very fun day and we had a blast! It was very nice to have our own booth to be silly and not care at all!

More Information:
Directions: Jonggak Station, Line 1, Exit 4. Walk straight until you see Etude House. Turn right, keep walking down the alley looking up to your right until you see the pink Ann House sign. (These directions could be a little wrong, it's been a while.)
Ann House has many different locations around Seoul. These directions are for the one close to Cheonggyecheong.
Website: (Korean)
Hours: 10:00AM to Midnight
Menus are somewhat foreigner friendly, staff didn't know much English but were very kind anyway.

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    1. Awww! I used to be much better at it. Haven't practiced in a loooooooong time. Maybe I should pick up where I left off!

    2. Awww! I used to be much better at it. Haven't practiced in a loooooooong time. Maybe I should pick up where I left off!