Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cafe Bluefairy

... or creepy doll cafe, like I call it, is a cafe located in the Hapjeong area. My adventure partner Tracie found out about it and dragged me there without telling me where we were going. I was excited because Tracie always finds awesome stuff. When we got there, they were closed, so we wandered around the area for a while. This seems to happen often, I guess we're just to eager to see these places!
 They finally opened and a very friendly Korean girl lead us in, Tracie and I picked a table and started taking photos of everything.
 They have a big drink menu and a few things to eat. Tracie went with a tea and I ordered a hot chocolate, and we decided to share the organic pancake.
 I read or heard somewhere that you get to pick a doll and have it at your table and play with it while you eat but the girl didn't say anything about that to us, so we just admire these pretty/creepy dolls in their glass cases, surprised at how expensive they are. The doll itself starts at around 300,000KRW and then you have to think of all its accessories and stuff. For me it was steep but I know there are collectors out there that pay these prices like it's nothing. As long as it makes them happy!
 You can personalize your doll with eyes and hair. I actually thought some of these were really cute. They don't look like your regular china doll that stares at you from Grandma's cabinet.
 There were a lot of dolls, each with their own styles. You had your schoolgirls, and witches and blondes, and brunettes, and redheads, some wearing Asian attires. Boys, girls, cowboys, angels, goths, anything you could ask for, I'm sure they had it.
 There were also props for their house or err.... farm?
 They had also plenty of clothes and accessories for the dolls. I fell in love with these sailor dresses, and I really liked the goth boots! They outfits were pricy as well. Tracie and I joked about how all we could afford was probably a shirt and how we should go halfsies on a doll and it would be a timeshare doll.
 My hot chocolate and the organic pancake was delicious, with yummy ice cream on top. Tracie said her tea was good as well.
I really liked this cafe and it feels like a great place to just go hang out with your friends, even if you don't plan to buy anything. I'm always grateful for Tracie finding all these awesome things for us to see!

More Information:
Hours: Open 11:00AM - Closed 10:00PM
Directions: Hapjeong station, Line 2 or 6, Exit 5. Turn right at the first street. Walk until you find a Y intersection. Go left on the Y. Walk about two blocks looking to your left, in one of the streets you'll notice a red building with a white blob on top that looks like whipped cream. Cafe bluefairy will be next to it.

Thank you for reading, and don't forget your camera!

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