Tuesday, February 12, 2013

63 City

A while ago, around mid-November I went with my husband to 63 City. This huge building is packed with a lot of fun things to do! I was really excited to be having a fun day out with my love, so we took a cab and it quickly got us there.

Our first stop was lunch. There is a buffet style restaurant that looks really good and fancy, but we decided to go to the food court instead because that one was a little too pricey. In the food court, you can find plenty of Korean and Asian cuisine, and also a Lotteria which is a fast food chain. I went for Lotteria because unfortunately, I have to be in the right mood to eat Korean food by choice.

We headed down to the SeaWorld and we enjoyed looking at the animals. Unfortunately, the light down there is not very good, so a lot of photos that could have been good, well, are not. My favorite part were the seals, but they move so fast that I couldn't snap a single shot of any of them. 
 Check it out! There were synchronized swimmers in the tank, but we were too late for their show.
 I liked the SeaWorld, even though I have heard that the COEX Aquarium is way better. I will have to check it out. I did feel bad for some of the animals. I felt that they had a very limited amount of space to roam.  

After that, we headed to the 63 Wax Museum. It was a lot of fun, but truth is, I always have fun at wax museums because it is a huge chance to be totally silly and completely ridiculous, and well, I never miss a chance to make a fool out of myself. I love that my husband joined me in the silliness. 
After we were done with the wax museum, we found the elevator to the amazing SkyArt Gallery. I was a little bummed that it was a very foggy and cloudy day, and even so, the view was spectacular. I do want to go back on a clear day. We stayed there for a long time, just talking, relaxing and admiring the view. It was a wonderful experience just to to take it all in, just to sit there and be amazed by the magnitude of this incredible city.
Spending our day at the 63 City was a great experience and I definitely want to go back!

More Information:
Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/63_Building
Visit Seoul: http://www.visitseoul.net/en/see/seoul-landmark/63-city.jhtml
Closest Subway Stations:Yeouinaru, Line 5, Exit 4. - Saetgang, Line 9, Exit 1. Yeouido, Line 5, Exit 5. Shuttle buses available from all three stations.

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  2. Hey, there are some nice pictures here. Looks like you had fun! I was trying to contact you, but didn't see any email address here, Zayda. Could you send me a message?