Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cafe Goodovening

Goodovening. I can't even say that word. But yeah, their ovening is good. It's not amazingovening, or greatovening, but it really is good. I have found myself being VERY picky with cupcakes and baked goods in Korea. You can say I'm spoiled because growing up, there was always amazing baking around me. No wonder I'm so chunky. Korean cupcakes can be dry sometimes and usually not as sweet as I would like, which is probably healthier, but whatever, they're cupcakes. They're not supposed to be healthy.
 I was introduced to this place by Tracie. She was the one who found all the cool stuff. I miss that. More than a cupcake shop, Cafe Goodovening is a Cupcake themed cafe, where you can enjoy a latte while looking out to the busy street of Myeong-dong or enjoying their quirky, extra-sweet decor.
 This place is really cool. It has like a dark, industrial vibe mixed up with the bright colors and sweetness of cupcakes. My favorite part was the lamps, shaped like a cupcake liner!
 Tracie ordered the Red Velvet and I got the Vanilla Dream, which looks nothing like Vanilla but it does taste like it.
Vanilla Dream
Red Velvet
 The verdict on the cupcakes is: a little dry, but it curbs the craving. Not very sweet but not too simple either. I would probably go back and have another one, but wouldn't go out of my way for it.

More Information:
Closest Subway Station (For this location, there's several across Seoul): Myeong-dong, Line 4, Exit 6
Foreigner Friendly

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  1. In our short stint in Korea, we didn't notice many cupcake places. In fact, this was the only one we chanced upon. Anyway I just wanted to say that I thought your post was really informative and decided to link to it in our guide about Seoul. Cheers!

    PS - it's linked in this article