Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Knit Studio

Located in Insadong, is My Knit Studio. Remember Banul? This place is also a knitter/crocheter's dream, but without the yummy drinks. My friend Kathie organized a Valentine's Day trip with a bunch of us to My Knit Studio and I was absolutely happy to tag along. I love that they still invite me even though I am completely useless with needles.
 I wore my cupcake scarf that my beloved friend Lily made for me! Everyone loved it and they asked me if I had made it and I was like "Yeah, right... the only thing I can do with one of those is poke my eye out!" so yeah, no.
 I don't know much about yarn prices but this place seemed a little expensive to me. It was about 25,000KRW for a thing of yarn that would make you a pair of socks. I think it's because all of their yarn is imported from Europe and the States.
 There's a room in the back where they have workshops and classes as well. All the sign up information was in Korean but I'm sure the website will have the info in English.
 I really loved the hand dyed collection and the Harry Potter collection. Dreams and dreams of scarves and hats made out of these. Such gorgeous colors.
 I find it funny that I actually took this many photos, since the owner told me I could only take two photos. I am slowly getting used to being told no when I grab my camera.
I loved these gnomes!
So many pretty yarn colors...
I think this last photo has my favorite of them all. These would make such pretty things. So... crocheters and knitters and crafty people, go buy these and make me stuff!

More Information:
Website: www.myknit.com 
Directions: Anguk Station, Exit 6, walk straight, Little building next to a convenience store right behind the giant paintbrush. I think it's the 4th floor but there will be signs.

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