Wednesday, May 22, 2013

AFSC Photography Group - May 2013

 I had been waiting for this meeting for the longest time. The Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain was the first thing I ever saw about Seoul when I googled it after being told we were moving here, and I thought it was absolutely beautiful. I was also bummed because I had missed the previous AFSC Photography Group Meetup and wanted to catch up and exchange ideas with other photo lovers. My lovely friend Maria and I took a cab and met the rest of the group there. Our amazing leader Victoria was there, also Tracie, Tina, Marisa and her hubby. It was quite a fun group! The show started right away and it was time to set up tripods and start shooting!
I had fun experimenting with different apertures and shutter speeds, and when the water show was over I tried some panoramic night photography of Seoul, featuring my beloved Seoul Tower.
The second show started about 50 minutes later and for some reason I thought I was going to have more time, but it was over really quick and I was left wanting to take more photos from different angles, which means I will be definitely coming back! In the meantime, enjoy the ones I took this time!

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