Monday, January 14, 2013

Korean War Memorial

On Saturday, after a nice lunch at the DHL, my husband and I went to the Korean War Memorial. It's located right next to the Yongsan base so we left our car at the dragon and walked there. It was not too cold, just the way I like it so it was a really nice walk, even though we had to be very careful because the snow is turning into that nasty, slippery ice.

I was amazed at how massive this place is. They have monuments and a lot of war vehicles outside, but since it was not a pretty day for photos, we headed inside almost right away.
Candles lit for the lives of the soldiers.
I put my leaf on the tree of messages.
"The drop" made of the dog-tags of the soldiers.
There's a playground for the children.s
I was very happy to find a lot of war memorabilia from my country,
After we were done with the museum, we headed to the gift shop. I love gift shops and I usually buy a magnet for my fridge, or a pen, or something cute, but it was already closed. I noticed they had an Animal exhibit. I really don't know what it was since it was all in Korean but I got super excited to see polar bears! my favorite animal. I had to be silly and take pictures with them. I HAD to.
It was wonderful to learn all about the Korean War and all the countries who helped this country be what it is today. It was also very emotional and was tearing up almost the whole time. I learned all about the suffering and struggle that South Korea went through for their freedom, and I'm glad I did because it makes me appreciate this wonderful country even more.

More Information:
Hours: 09:00 - 18:00
Admission is free.
Foreigner Friendly
Closest Subway Station: Samgakji, Line 6 and 4

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