Saturday, December 31, 2011

TeeTrade Anyone?

Have I told anyone that I'm obsessing about the shirt.woot community? No? Well, I am. I'm pretty sure I told you last week. I have found a new hobby. I just love it. Everyone is nice, it's fun to look at the designs. The Derby is always exciting, just as much as waiting for a new shirt everyday. Anyway, T-shirts from the last random arrived last night! I was not disappointed, I liked the two I got for me, I'm just not crazy in love with them. My husband? Yeah, he really liked his and he is keeping it. He got Boba Fetch 

 I got Lapwing Sunset:

I think they are both pretty cute but I immediately put them in ziploc bags and I'm offering them for trade or sale, they're both on WL. I am on under ZaydaBarros if anyone reading out there would like to trade. You can also contact me here :) I figure I can trade them for something I like better or sell them and if I can't, after a while I'll just keep them for myself because they're not bad at all :) It was really exciting opening our random shirts and we will definitely be doing this again!

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